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AP3 is part of the UP3 Group. Our businesses specialise in delivering workflow solutions on the ServiceNow platform.

AP3 creates workflow applications that automate operational processes and improve the customer experience for passenger transport operators. Today, we primarily focus on rail, tomorrow we will use our experience to drive further innovation across the entire transport sector.

Globally, passenger rail operators are under increasing pressure to improve customer experience, the reliability of their services and, in most cases, to offer better value for money. Industry schemes, typically implemented through government legislation, are focused on train operator performance and compensating customers for poor service and delays to their journeys. Legacy rail infrastructure, poor internal systems and outdated passenger information systems mean that delivering these mandates is not a simple task. Passengers complain, claim compensation and in some cases de-fraud operators for poor service and performance. The industry must address these challenges collectively by updating and improving processes and systems and sharing data to provide operational efficiencies and a more seamless customer experience.

We love working with our customers to solve these problems. Our knowledge, creativity and passion set us apart, along with our understanding of ServiceNow, the world’s most innovative digital workflow platform, that we build our solutions on.

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AP3 has developed a suite of rail solutions to address industry challenges that are affecting all rail operators. Our solutions are built on the NOW platform – the intuitive user experience, powerful workflow capability, speed of development and levels of integration that can be achieved with ServiceNow make it an ideal platform to drive improvements and automation in a traditional sector like rail / transport.

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Our apps, built on the NOW platform, are a fast and effective way for transport organisations to maximise revenue and improve customer satisfaction. To discuss our apps, or a bespoke implementation, please fill in the form and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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