AP3 has developed a suite of rail solutions to address industry challenges that are affecting all rail operators. The intuitive user experience, powerful workflow capability, speed of development and levels of integration that can be achieved with ServiceNow make it an ideal (technology) platform to drive improvements and automation in a traditional sector like rail / transport.



Train Operating Companies (TOC’s) in the UK estimate that anywhere between 10-30% of the compensation claims that they pay out are fraudulent; individuals claiming compensation for trains they were never on or claiming multiple times using a system of false names and addresses.  This represents tens of £millions in financial losses.

Until now the only real option for identifying fraudulent claims was a retrospective hunt through vast amounts of claims data but once a claim has been paid it is a lengthy and expensive process to try and recoup the lost money.  AP3’s Rail Fraud solution, a fully-integrated suite of applications, built on ServiceNow, is the first solution to detect fraudulent compensation claims as they are being processed and prevent the claim from being paid in the first place potentially saving rail operators millions.

Download the rail fraud data sheet 


Rail delays and passenger complaints typically result in rail operators having to pay compensation to their customers. In jurisdictions, like the UK, this is a complex, time consuming and expensive process, the details of the claim must be checked and validated before the compensation is paid.  Historically the systems for managing this process have not been up to the job, system updates and performance are poor, and the only option has been to add contact centre agents to the process.

AP3’s Rail Compensation solution is a fully integrated suite of applications, built on the NOW platform, which streamlines and automates the complaints and compensation process significantly reducing case processing time and freeing up agents to work on high-value customer cases.  The solutions offers:

  • Case management
  • Automatic Delay Repay with one click claims (including automated compensation payments)
  • Journey validator
  • Multi-channel engagement
  • Email and letter builder
  • TOC reporting and dashboards
  • ORR compliance reporting
  • OTOC forwarder and rail ombudsman export utilities
  • Customer portal

Download the rail compensation data sheet


A disruption management solution has not been developed in the industry before as the problem is deemed too difficult to fix. AP3’s Rail Disruption solution is a fully integrated suite of applications, built on NOW, that manages operational plans and customer service during periods of major (rail) network disruption. Control staff are able to coordinate and instantly communicate the required recovery plan to a particular type of disruption drastically reducing the number of inbound and outbound phone calls to the control centre.

Frontline staff are empowered with real-time information (on any mobile device), with the latest information and recovery plans, they are also able to feed into the operational decision-making process. This enables staff to provide accurate information to customers and for customers to proactively access information for themselves to plan onward journeys and alternative routes. Resolving this industry-wide problem has the potential to change the customer perception of the rail sector bringing significant economic and environmental benefits.

Download the rail disruption data sheet

These solutions work together and the rich rail dataset that is held in ServiceNow can enable a myriad of process improvements and automation across a typical operator’s business. A combination of our expertise and the ServiceNow platform make these solutions a compelling proposition for the rail and transport industry.